Hold an Event

Be the host with most: entertain your guests in the very heart of the city at the Columbus Commons. Centrally located with built-in parking, it’s easily accessible for everyone... And with spectacular gardens, a covered Pavilion, a grand lawn and picturesque bosque of trees - it’s beautifully designed for any occasion.

Please note we are no longer accepting event applications for the 2017 season. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Visit our Park Rules for a run-down of pertinent information. 
  • Individuals or groups that do not intend to attract an audience or reserve a specific area of the park can freely visit without park approval. Please return the park the way it was found so others can enjoy it in the same manner.
  • Every individual or group that wishes to reserve a private area of the park, or that seeks to attract an audience for commercial purposes or to convey a point of view, is required to reserve space through a formal Use License Agreement and should submit an event application for review.
  • Any amplified sound must be approved through the event application process.
  • Onsite apperances by an invididual, company or organization promoting a product or message must be approved by in advance.