Food Truck Food Court

 Food Truck Food Court Kicks Off May 4

Presented by Giant Eagle Market District!

On one glorious day each week, food trucks invade the Columbus Commons. From May 4 to October 26, they set up camp so diners can flit from one stop to another, assembling the ideal meal. Below are our eight awesome staple trucks who will be there every single week with eats from Giant Eagle Market District, Cupzilla, Angry Wiener, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Kinetic, Paddy Wagon, Pitabilities and Mya's Fried Chicken, and two special guest trucks rotating monthly.


 Cupzilla Food Truck Food Court          



Food trucks will not be selling beverages, so be sure to stop by the Columbus Commons beverage tent near the carousel to make your purchase. $2 cash only. Our Pepsi machines near Tortilla take credit card.

Be sure to give #ColumbusCommons and the food trucks a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while enjoying your scrumptious lunch at Food Truck Food Court.

Food Truck Food Court will not take place on September 14.

Monthly Rotation:

MAY: Schmidt's + Aromaku

JUNE: Mixing Bowl + Mojo Tago

JULY: Barroluco + Aloha Streatery

AUGUST: Just Jerks; Ena's Jamaican + Maanas Indian